Embracing Change at Work Examples 

Change is the only constant in the workplace. It compels businesses and companies to get out of their comfort zone during uncertain business circumstances. Employees would resist and feel anxious during the change program. Today, we’ll discuss embracing change at work examples; tips for embracing change at work; and examples of change in the workplace.

Tips for Embracing Change at Work 

Before discussing embracing change at work examples of change in the workplace; it is significant to outline the tips for embracing change at work; they’re as follows;

  • Change leaders should comprehend the various areas and aspects of the change program so that they can better explain to the team members and employees
  • Dividing the big project into achievable small tasks and activities, and setting smaller goals and objectives
  • Celebrating small wins after achieving those small tasks, goals, and objectives
  • Maintaining a positive attitude while dealing with various types of issues and challenges because problems are part of the change program
  • Focus on the big picture and the benefits that the change program would offer in the long term and avoid the temporary problems
  • Put emphasis on the things that you can control and avoid the things that you can’t control; worrying about uncontrollable things would consume all of your energy
  • Establish open and honest communication with your team members and employees; especially when you don’t have all the answers; tell them the significance of change

Embracing Change at Work Examples 

Let’s discuss the embracing change at work examples of change in the workplace; they’re as follows;


The operational team of Booking.com in the UK realized the fact that most of the employees were still using MS Office 365; even the company had switched to Google Workspace. The objective of transitioning to Google Workspace is to launch a unified method of coordinating and collaborating across the company. In order to deal with the problem, the company took the following steps;

  • Conducting reviews and launching planning workshops to set expectations for the project
  • Requesting the early adopters to promote Google Workspace among other team members and employees
  • Surveying team members to analyze the readiness of employees toward change
  • Implementing training programs to motivate employees to adopt a new system of Google Workspace


Microsoft establishes goals and objectives to track and analyze operations and sales in different regions. The previous system of the company didn’t have automation features; it used to cause various problems for the MS leaders ranging from compliance issues and data duplication to misalignment. The tech brand has the full determination and commitment to launch a new solution to satisfy its needs and requirements. MS realized that its employees weren’t willing to change and resisted adopting the new system.

  • Recognizing and documenting the blocking elements
  • Driving reporting system and compelling them to become the change champion
  • Conducting weekly sessions to analyze and prioritize project needs
  • Implementing action plans in various areas like delivery, adoption, and business readiness
  • Launching a structured feedback system to make aware of the views of end users

The University of Virginia

The University of Virginia implemented many changes in its higher education and faced various challenges attached to it. The change managers experienced change fatigue across the university; because the team was experimenting with various project ideas without getting any fruitful results. In order to deal with the fatigue, the UOV took the following steps;

  • Certified people would only implement the change strategy
  • Establishing change capacity in its work
  • Motivating project managers to play the role of change managers as well


A financial service-providing company Sura implemented various types of changes at once like; product sales strategy revamps, innovative initiatives, and digitalization in the pension department. It requires the company to have a flexible attitude to quickly adopt the changes. The company took the following steps to achieve success;

  • Prioritizing projects and choosing a change manager, project manager, and sponsor for every project
  • Combining project and change management
  • Launching role-based training programs for employees
  • Moving from the traditional strategic approach of selling one product towards a strategy of selling multiple products to one customer
  • Flexible office programs allowing team members to work remotely
  • Transitioning from paper-based documentation to digitalization

As a result, the sale of Sura increased significantly, client turnover dropped by 44%, and cost savings reached 240,000 USD.

Zurich Life

A global insurance company Zurich Life experienced the program of the slower bureaucratic system. It was difficult for the company to execute changes relevant to changing customer behavior and market conditions. The company’s management finally accepted the need for change at a lower cost base by changing competition, regulations, and public policy.

  • Introduced a new software where the insurance agent could view the investment of all the clients
  • Hiring change leaders to promote change initiatives among employees
  • Lower bureaucracy
  • Limited silos
  • Giving independence to employees to make decisions
  • Decreasing the size and frequency of meetings
  • Motivating executives to be transparent with their team members
  • Focusing on the necessary processes and avoiding disposable processes


A government organization HMRC faced the challenge of limited employees during the recession phase. It resulted in the form of frustration among customers and employees. The requests of customers transferred from one department to another in the outdated rigid system. However, the company planned to smooth the customer journey by decreasing the handovers.

The leadership of HMRC decentralized the power by giving autonomy to the workers in managing customer requests and simplifying the processes. The objective was to amplify online channels and customer communication.

  • Brainstorming ideas and creative methods to effectively manage customer calls
  • Metrics and measures to analyze call managing time and the quality of the calls
  • Implementing changes at a smaller scale before launching them at a massive scale
  • New technology to update the telephonic system

As a result, the customer satisfaction rate of HMRC increased by 82-92%


A digital marketing and outsourcing company Sykes found it difficult to maintain pace with the speedy changes. The company executed the changes with limited funding due to the limited awareness of the company’s change program. However, the company invested a significant amount of capital resources in the application and the training programs.

  • Designing a multi-annual IT plan for implementing changes
  • Adopting changes to train managers and conducting leadership developmental programs
  • Executing changes at its call center processes

Cisco – Operational Change

Cisco successfully executed the operational change inside its workplace. Various departments and teams were working on the Cisco SBP (subscription billing platform) project and dealing with setting up, testing, experimenting, and executing features. Different teams worked the streamline that decreasing the developmental process; it caused quality issues, overtime, and delayed delivery time.

Cisco implemented the agile framework to boost the morale of employees and various departmental teams to coordinate on releasing, testing, experimenting, and establishing features. It decreased the defect rate by 40% as compared to the waterfall methodology.

Conclusion: Embracing Change at Work Examples |Examples of Change in the Workplace 

After an in-depth study of embracing change at work examples; we have realized that embracing change at the workplace is highly significant for a company’s growth. If you are learning about the examples of change in the workplace; then you should keep in the abovementioned tips and examples of change in the workplace.

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