Stealing Thunder Crisis Communication

Stealing Thunder crisis communication strategy is the method where the company shares and discloses the information with the public before the media starts playing the information. It was a highly effective strategy when customers and the targeted audience weren’t aware of the persuasive intention of the crisis message. Today, we’ll discuss the stealing thunder crisis communication strategy and; the benefits and challenges of the stealing thunder strategic approach in crisis management.

Benefits of Stealing Thunder Crisis Communication

Some of the main benefits of the Stealing Thunder crisis communication strategy; they’re as follows;

Proactive Communication Strategy

Stealing is a highly proactive communication strategic approach and it requires businesses and companies to disruptive situations before any media channel. It allows them to decrease the impact of the potential crisis and disruptive situation.

Gaining Control over Story’s Narrative

When companies timely share the information with the public, then it allows them to gain control over the company’s narrative of the disruptive situation and the crisis. It helps them to control the flow of information and avoid the sensationalism of the news media channels.

Winning the Credibility of Customers

When companies self-share critical information to the media and public, then it allows them to win the trust and confidence of the customers. It is because the customer market thinks that companies always say positive things about themselves. However, when things go wrong, companies should admit their mistakes, and then it improves their credibility in the public eye and earns the trust of customers.

Crisis Seems Under-Control

Usually, people don’t expect companies to share negative information about them. When companies self-disclose the information to the media and public, they perceive the situation as being under the control of the company. They assume that the situation is not as bad as the media portrays it, and that’s why the company is self-disclosing the information.

Avoid Company’s Crisis

When companies self-disclose the information to the media and public, then people think that the company is gathering unnecessary attention. Many research studies have shown that the organizational crisis receives limited attention from the media and the public. Self-disclosure of the crisis would help companies to avoid the unnecessary attention of the media and the public.

Managing Tone & Frame of Story

When companies first communicate the organizational problem, then it allows them to set the tone for the crisis and the disruptive event. If the company is responding to the allegation of the media and the public, then it would incriminate the company and set a negative tone. Stealing thunder would help companies to speak first and set the tone of the crisis.

Improving Sales

When companies earn the trust and confidence of customers and have credibility, then it has a positive impact in increasing the sales of the company. Studies have shown that customers prefer to buy from those companies that are struggling and need support.

Right Thing To Do

Stealing thunder offers a wise option for businesses and companies, it guides them to follow the ethical and responsible approach. Self-disclosure is the right thing for them to acknowledge their mistakes and take the right steps towards resolution.

Challenges of Stealing Thunder Crisis Communication

Some of the main challenges of the Stealing Thunder crisis management strategy; they’re as follows

Risky Strategy

Stealing thunder is a highly risky strategic approach. It is because businesses and companies conceal and hide key information under false pretenses. However, it is not only unethical, but it would also jeopardize the reputation of the company once they get their hands on the real information that the company is hiding.

Easy Access to Information

We are living in a world of social media and digital media platforms, search engines, and easy information accessibility. It allows customers to collect and gather relevant information whatever they’re looking for, and they could share it with the mass audience over social and digital media platforms. Crisis cover-up has worked fine in the past, but it has become highly difficult for businesses and companies to conceal the information when customers are more aware than the company. Things would come to surface light sooner or later.

Aggravating Situation

Many existing PR professionals and experts have pointed out the fact that concealing information in the modern age has become nearly impossible. If companies are withholding and hiding key information, then it makes matters worse for the company in the future.

Legal Implication

If the company is hiding and withholding any information in case of any running investigation and lawsuit, then it would have severe legal consequences. Hiding and withholding critical information to any prevailing lawsuit and investigation is a criminal offense, and it would bring expensive lawsuits and heavy fines.

Conclusion: Stealing Thunder in Crisis Communication | Stealing Thunder Crisis Management Strategy

After an in-depth study of the stealing thunder crisis communication strategy; we have realized that self-disclosure is a great strategic approach during disruption. If you are learning about stealing thunder in crisis management; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned advantages and disadvantages of stealing thunder strategy.

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