Attitude Change in Organizational Behavior 

It is difficult to change the attitudes of employees in the workplace. Managers and leaders should make sure that the company is offering the right career, growth, and development opportunities for employees to change their attitudes. Along with the right mindset and commitment of leadership; employees’ performance metrics and measures would compel employees to perform best. Today, we’ll discuss the attitude change in organizational behavior; its definition; factors impacting employees’ attitudes, and tips for changing employees’ attitude in the workplace.

What is Attitude Change in Organizational Behavior?

Attitude change in organizational behavior is the method of changing employees’ perceptions, views, opinions, feelings, and beliefs towards the organization, workplace, colleagues, and leadership. Many research studies have proven the fact that changing employees’ attitudes plays a key role in establishing a positive workplace culture.

An HBR research study in 1979 said that the values and beliefs of employees had changed significantly and they had a great impact on the workplace culture. However, changing employees’ attitudes would help them to impact their behaviors, job satisfaction and performance in the workplace. If employees are performing their roles with changed attitudes; then the company would face limited issues with retention; higher successive planning and productivity.

Factors Impacting Employees’ Attitude Change in OB

Some of the main factors impacting employees’ attitude change in organizational behavior or changing employees’ attitudes in the workplace are as follows;

  • Poor management of changes in the project
  • Harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • Negative work-life balance
  • Limited salaries, incentives, and compensations
  • Excessive workload
  • No appreciation, regard, and admiration of positive behaviors
  • Poor employee relations management
  • Social, political, and cultural factors and backgrounds
  • Personal values, personality traits, and family life
  • Peer influence in the workplace
  • Educational background
  • Financial situation

Tips for Employees’ Attitude Change in OB

Let’s discuss the top tips for attitude change in organizational behavior or changing employees’ attitude in the workplace; they’re as follows;

Health & Fitness Programs

Physical health and fitness would lead to healthy minds and attitudes of people, employees, and team members. Companies and leadership have no control over physical health whether they’re performing exercises or not. However, conducting health and fitness programs at the corporate level helps companies to decrease stress and pressure and develop positive attitudes.

Improved Socialization in the Workplace

If employees and workers socialize, then it would amplify their productivity in the workplace. It means informal conversations would lead to better and improved formal communication. Improved socialization goes a long way in building a collaborative workplace culture and amplifying employees’ attitudes.

Careful Recruiting

Carefully recruiting the right candidates and team members who have the right mindset would help you build the right workplace culture. If you select negative and critical-minded people, they would spread negative energy, discourage attitudes among people, and jeopardize the overall productivity of the company.

Leading with Example

When it comes to embedding change in the workplace culture, it is significant that the management should lead by example. If the company’s leadership and management have positive attitudes and behaviors, then it would cultivate positive attitudes among team members and establish a happy workplace culture.

Meaningful Work

If employees and team members are aware of the significance of their work and that their contribution would add meaning and value to the lives of customers; then it would positively impact their attitudes. For instance, if they aren’t aware of their role, then it would negatively impact their attitudes. The best strategy is to directly show the meaningfulness of their role in the customers’ lives in the form of success stories and positive reviews.

Leadership and Management Training Session

Many research studies including Gallup have shown that approximately 70% of employees said that the leaderships and managers need management training programs. While changing and influencing the attitudes of employees; companies should analyze the skill set of their managers and leaders and how they engage with their employees and team members.

Easy Digital & Online Experience

Technological development has digitalized the workplace environment and culture. Digital employees’ experience plays a key role in impacting the attitudes and behaviors in the physical workplace environment.

Better Workplace Environment

Overall physical layout, setting, and design of the workplace environment have a great impact on the employees’ attitudes and behaviors. It could be in the form of office location, building, size, official tools, equipment, and interior designs and decorations that have a great psychological impact. While designing the place, companies should ask for feedback from their employees, workers, and team members.

Career Development Programs

Nothing is more important to employees than their career growth and development opportunities. The company’s leadership and HR managers should invest resources in the career development of their employees to influence their attitudes. It could be in the form of career counseling, training, and mentorship programs to develop the careers and skills of their workers. It allows them to develop a positive outlook and perception in the workplace.

Growth Opportunities

Along with career development programs, you should offer them upward growth and promotional scaling opportunities to positively impact their attitude in the workplace. If employees and team members feel stuck in their workplace or career; then it would negatively impact their attitudes and they would find opportunities elsewhere.

Conclusion: Employees’ Attitude Change in Organizational Behavior |Changing Employees’ Attitude in the Workplace 

After an in-depth study of attitude change in organizational behavior; we have realized that employees’ attitude change plays a key role in a company’s growth and productivity. If you are learning about changing employees’ attitude in the workplace; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned definition, impacting factors, and tips.

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