Dark Site Crisis Communications

A dark site is a readymade non-visible web platform prepared in advance and it becomes activated when a crisis situation hits the company. It comprises advanced information and then offers the latest information to the public relevant to the crisis; along with a media press release, and the contact information of the company. However, the dark site becomes visible to the public after the crisis hits the company. Today, we’ll discuss dark site crisis communications; its benefits, designs, and its appropriateness when to use the dark site in crisis communication.

Benefits of Dark Site Crisis Communications

  • Capability of quickly sharing the latest information with the public
  • Launching an alternative site once the standard site crashes due to a malfunctioning server
  • Users could choose and upload the documents
  • Improves the company’s accessibility to share the news and information with the media
  • Having an alternative channel ready when you need it during a crisis and emergency situation

Design of Dark Site Crisis Communications

The design of the dark site crisis communications is highly significant; it should be simple to guide people to easily find the latest information. It doesn’t contain a platform of information, navigation bars, and visual graphics. The design is as follows;

  • Availability of facts for the crisis
  • Taking the right steps to effectively respond to the crisis
  • Guiding them to follow special instructions impacted by the crisis about dos and don’t
  • Having a special portion that would Answer FAQs
  • Providing relevant information to the public about what the company does and how it should manage the crisis
  • Contains the contact information, emails, and cell numbers of the media channels
  • Issuing statements from the top officials of the company
  • Contact information of the people and members impacted by the crisis
  • Offering regular updates about the information
  • Connecting and engaging with the targeted audience
  • Unclear communication would get you nowhere

Appropriateness of Dark Site in Crisis Communications

Let’s discuss the appropriateness of dark site crisis communications and when to use are it are as follows;

Inflexible Content Management System

It is possible that you can’t perform all the page editing and updating operations. You should allocate a special person and tech team to perform such functions and operations. It is necessary to be open and honest with your target audience, it allows you to multiply your target audience traffic 10 times. You could issue and post the latest information, statement, and press release to the public within 15 minutes.

Right Intentions

While dealing with a companywide crisis, they decide unanimously that resolving the particular crisis and disruption is their top priority. Often, the crisis is in a critical situation, it completely jeopardizes the product and service completely. You have to make it clear to them why they should take so seriously.

Different Voice Tones

When a crisis incident hits the company, the target audience is anxious and keen to hear the latest information from the company’s officials. The dark side is the best channel and medium of communication; it is not corporate and follows the conversational style to communicate with the targeted stakeholders. It could be either a flexible accompaniment or a great replacement for conventional press releases.

Long Term Crisis

You need to be highly precise and specific about your target audience. Companies have a very large targeted customer base, and they want to find the required information quickly and easily at any time. For instance, your web platform is a blog or an e-commerce platform and it should be easily accessible to the media and users.

Multiple Stakeholders

If you want to maintain a single narrative of the story, then you should integrate all the sources of communication for suppliers, vendors, partners, and stakeholders as one. Some of the information won’t fit the company’s narrative; it is necessary for them to publicize the facts quickly without any delays.

Distance Strategy

Sometimes the particular situation in question relevant to the specific situation needs urgent attention from the management team of the same company or a different brand. When the time comes for the conversation to start flowing, then it becomes a great channel to digitally connect with your target audience.

However, It is significant to mention here that the dark side won’t resolve all the problems of your target audience. If you don’t have proper content and a good promotional strategy, then it could be a highly costly distraction in a difficult time. The dark site should always be separate and extra; a special tool in your box, and it would help you to normalize and diffuse the difficult situation.

Conclusion: Dark Site for Crisis Communications | Dark Site in Crisis Communications

After an in-depth study of the dark site crisis communications; we have realized that dark site is a great method and channel to communicate with your audience. If you are learning about the dark site for crisis communication; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned benefits, the appropriateness to use it, and the design of the dark site.

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