Governance and Change Management 

Change management is a strategic approach that allows businesses and companies to implement technology, process, operation, and functional changes. Governance provides operational, processes, structure, and decision-making framework to smoothly performance their functions and operations. Today, we’ll discuss governance and change management; key elements, and steps involved in implementing change management; and correlations between change governance management; change management, and corporate governance.

Key Elements of Governance

  • Decision making
  • Setting rules, methods, policies, and procedures
  • Outlining the organizational
  • Implementation mechanism to guide and direct the company

Steps for Implementing Change Management

  • Recognizing the need for change within the company
  • Defining change means for the company, technological, operational, processes, and structure
  • Setting goals and objectives for the change where you want to take the organization
  • Communicating the change plan with employees brings them on board and earns their trust and confidence
  • Implementing the changes gradually; starting small and then implementing them across the organization
  • Reviewing the change results, and making adjustments in the change plan based on the employee’s feedback
  • Sustaining the change results as a part of the company

Correlations Between Governance and Change Management 

Let’s discuss the correlations between governance and change management and how they meet with each other; they’re as follows;

Defining Roles of Change Managers

While governance and change projects, the roles and responsibilities of change leaders and managers should be clear. The clarity in roles and responsibilities of management and leadership comprises of following areas;

  • Change leadership team
  • Change process leaders
  • Sponsor
  • Change consultants
  • Project teams
  • Project initiative leads teams

After defining the roles and responsibilities of leadership, you should group and team them rightly. While allocating someone a team role, you should make sure that they have the time and required skill and expertise to satisfy their responsibilities. Often, the problem we perceive is the limited capability and capacity of change managers and leaders to perform their roles.

In such a case, it is necessary to conduct change leadership coaching and mentoring sessions. It allows them to develop the change that you plan to achieve in the organization.

Clear Management & Leadership Structure

In order to have a clear comprehension of the change leadership role, they should have a connected structure linking them with other members. It allows them to lead and direct in the proper method. The governance structure could be any of the following;

  • Hierarchical structure
  • Networking structure
  • Agile structure
  • Normal operational structure
  • Parallel structure

While defining the change leadership roles and their requirement area, you should keep in mind the following;

  • Role of every team member
  • Created roles have the capability to manage the leadership requirement of the change
  • Schedule team meeting and exchange information about the change project
  • Analyzing and evaluating the growth of the team and making sure the team is moving in the right direction

Decision-Making Process

The change leaders, managers, and team members should agree on the decision-making style, process, authority, and levels for the success of the change management initiative. It is necessary especially if you are changing the culture of power exercising style and how they make decisions.

However, the way you are managing your change project, impacts how the desired change future state would look like. All parties should be onboard about the new decision-making process, and avoid following the old practice. Otherwise, people and team members would criticize the change project; because the change leaders are declaring one cultural and leadership style, and avoiding the rest.

Linking Operations with Change Project

There should be a clear link and connection between the company’s operations and the change project. The change leadership team should be new and all the employees and stakeholders should be aware of it; there is to guide employees about changes and implementing it. Ultimately, the change initiative would impact their daily operations, and they need to make the changes.

Differences between Governance and Change Management 

Some of the main differences between change management and corporate governance are as follows;


The goal of governance is to set policies and procedures for employees to follow it. The objective of change management is to implement changes within the organization by bringing everyone on board about the change project.


The role of change managers is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders and employees in terms of who and how they should implement changes. The role of corporate governance is to define the roles, policies, and structure for every role in the entire organization; not only just the change team.

Time Limits

The change management project has a limited time duration and it focuses only on a few areas like implementing new software, technology, and processes. When people change their behavior, the change management becomes dissolved. However, corporate remains active as long as the company exists, and it is a continuous and long-term process of devising policies, updating, reviewing, and on and on.


The company’s leadership, management, employees, and customers are the main stakeholders of the change management project. In the case of corporate governance, boards of directors are the governing stakeholders and they influence how the company should govern.

Conclusion: Governance and Change Management | Change Governance Management |Corporate Governance vs. Change Management 

After an in-depth study of governance and change management; we have realized that change and governance management are complementary to each other. If you are learning about change management and corporate governance; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned correlations, elements, steps of executing changes, and the differences between change management vs corporate governance.

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