Change Management Examples – Top 10

Various businesses and companies have successfully implemented the change management strategy. They all are maybe different, but they realized the need and significance of change initiatives, developed a strategy for it, and implemented it step-by-step. Today, we’ll discuss the top 10 change management examples.

Change Management Examples – Top 10 

Let’s discuss the top 10 change management examples, and they are as follows;


Apple is one of the world’s leading tech giant companies. The tech giant company has gone through a series of transitional and transformational phases relevant to customer demands and changing market trends.

When it comes to launching a new product, the focus of the company is to bring technological changes within the organization. Ever since the time Steve Jobs, he always introduced new change management strategies and prepared the company towards launching new products and services. The process of change management is performed in various departments like tech, finance, marketing, design, and others.

Steve Jobs launched a proper communication campaign it focused on developing accurate strategies for change in order to avoid bad projects and failure.


Since the early 2000s, Google has been leading hi-tech projects and dealing with various types of tech projects ranging from smart homes and wearables to smart vehicles. All of those smart projects have got a connection with one another, and they all made Google so big that it became difficult for a single person to manage it. Therefore, the company’s co-founder (Larry Page) segmented the company into smaller companies and brought them under the umbrella of Alphabets.

The passion and energy that forced the company’s leadership to implement the change management strategies in the tech giant company is the vision of making its employees free and allowing them to focus on their products without worrying about the company.


Atlassian is a software company that offers workflow solutions for teams and organizations. The employees of the company used to analyze their performance twice every year; the company’s management would review the performance of various team members and attach their rating with a bonus.

It was a type of evaluation system that disrupted the workflow of the software, and it wasn’t delivering the required results. Finally, the company launched the change management strategy of revamping the performance system. They introduced a new continuous model system where the employees and management would meet one-on-one every month.

The change program wasn’t only focusing on the performance management system, but also various processes of the company. In fact, the company later introduced a new performance management system for training and coaching employees. Open communication and a high level of transparency are the key elements of implementing successful change management processes.


Netflix is an online video streaming platform and it is always transforming itself relevant to the customer needs and wants, regulations, and technological changes. Initially, Netflix focused on mailing movies to its subscriber’s homes in 1997. Technological development allowed the company to launch an online video streaming platform.

Soon after launching the online video streaming platform, other competitors like a cable network, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu also entered the market. In order to maintain its market position and customer database, Netflix started producing original content, TV series, documentaries, and other shows by casting leading celebrities. In 2017, Netflix had the highest number of subscribers in the US market


Starbucks is the world’s leading coffee drink brand and the company is a great example of listening to the reviews and voices of customers. The company launched the campaign “My Starbucks Idea” in 2008 and allowed customers to share their views that the new management has taken the charge.

The company received more than 90,000 ideas on social media platforms and gets 5 million visits every month. Starbucks created a network of coffee lovers and like-minded people based on the suggestions of people. Nowadays, the company has a strong network of more than 32,660 coffee stores across the world. Starbucks falls under the category of those companies that have successfully implemented the change.


Microsoft is also the world’s leading tech giant company. Before the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft wasn’t a suitable place to work because of the rigid working culture. Ever since he became the CEO of the company, Microsoft became the world’s leading and largest organization to successfully implement the culture shift, and the stock price increased significantly.

Many people ask how Satya brought cultural change. The answer is very simple developing a culture of listening, learning, and open communication; linking individual talent with the company’s mission statement.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola launched a sweeter version of the soft drink, but it didn’t achieve any success. In order to meet the requirements of the customers, the company switched back to its older version. Coca-Cola launched various other soft drink products like Coke Zero or Diet Coke in order to target health-conscious customers.


Cisco falls under the category of those brands that have successfully implemented operational changes. Different teams used to run the SBP (subscription billing platform) project and it focused on developing, designing, testing, and implementing. Different teams used to work at different paces and sequences and it slowed the developmental processes. Resultantly, the company faced problems with overtime, missing delivery dates, and quality problems.

Cisco finally adopted the agile framework and motivated its team members to cooperate and collaborate with one another on testing, building, and releasing. Resultantly, the defective rate of the company has decreased by 40% after implementing the change program.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle has earned the reputation of offering custom burritos, tacos, bowls, and other products to its customers. The pandemic crisis impacted the company very badly in 2020. But the company didn’t fall back; rather it launched the service of mobile order pickups and drive-thru lanes for customers. However, the strategic change initiative wasn’t easy; Chipotle trained the old employees and hired some new ones that are aware of the latest system.


In the early 1990s, IBM changed its focus from selling hardware, machines, and other computer equipment to IT consulting services, computing research, and other software. The change cost the company roundabout 8 billion dollars and faced a lot of competition. But IBM stood tall after facing all the competition and improved its reputation and profitability eventually.

Conclusion: Change Management Examples 

After an in-depth study of the top 10 change management examples; we have realized that change management is highly significant for the growth of businesses and companies. If you are implementing a change management program in your organization, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned examples.

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