HR Change Management Examples 

The HR department plays a critical role when organizations are implementing a change program. They have established new expectations for the new environment, helping employees to adopt technologies, and deal with changing behavior. When the top leadership of the company is looking at the big picture, the HR team develops such strategies that help them to go through the change phase smoothly. Today, we’ll discuss the top HR change management examples; the role of HR in the change management initiative; or examples of HR change management initiatives.

HR Change Management Examples 

The HR department of the company follows the structural approach during the transitional period. Some of the top HR Change Management examples or examples of HR change management initiatives are as follows;

Aligning Policy with Culture

HR team and leadership make sure that the company is following its values and living up to its vision. Top management and supervisors and managers should collaborate with one another and discuss the impact of the policy on the processes of employees. If some particular changes are compromising the company’s integrity and core values, then HR leadership should speak up about it. In fact, the HR leadership should align the company’s policy with its culture and values.

Example: Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud software tech company and the brand has earned the reputation of a “best places to work” organization. The company’s environment and culture are different from other tech companies like Facebook and Google, and it offers a different experience to its employees like one family and service.

In order to bring everyone on the same page, Salesforce focuses on 4 main values and they are;

  • Trust
  • Customer Success
  • Innovation
  • Equality

Equality means that the company has to finish the wage gap regardless of ethnicity, race, and gender background. Salesforce focuses on open and honest communication in order to maintain a culture of innovation, inclusion, and safety. The company has recognized the four behavioral elements that would help the company to achieve its core values are;

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Alignment
  • Accountability

That’s how the HR team of Salesforce bridges the gap and aligns its new policies with the company’s culture. or HR change management initiative examples

Performance Evaluation

After implementing the change program, the company’s leadership analyzes the employees’ performance and development. The HR leadership employs various methods and techniques to review their performance. For instance, they conduct a face-to-face interview with their employees and ask how the implemented changes are affecting their professional development.

The HR team could also survey their employees and analyze their behavior and temperature during the transition period. Some of the other ways the HR team analyzes employee engagement and performance are as follows;

  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Pulse and well-being surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Self-evaluation
  • Employing ongoing feedback

Example: Bank of America

Bank of America was facing the challenge of a higher turnover rate at its customer service call center. It resulted in the form of poor customer service and higher customer frustration. In order to find out the root cause of the problem, the company gathered data and performed various analyses on them. It showed that those companies that promoted the collaborative environment in their workplaces had a lower turnover rate than those that did not.

After the HR analysis report, the Bank allowed its employees to collaborate with one another, communicate, and take breaks. After implementing the change, the Bank found out that its employee cohesiveness increased by 18%, and call handling time increased by 23% within a few weeks. The overall productivity of the bank has increased and saved the company 15 million dollars.

Training Session

The implemented change management program won’t be successful if you don’t provide the relevant resources and equipment for their support. Training and development by HR play a significant role, and it helps the company to bridge the skill gap for the growth and progress of the company. For instance, if employees are going to play the lead role for the first time, then the HR team should offer them the proper resources.

Facilitating Communication of Change

When employees perceive the implemented changes in the organization that they don’t understand, they come to the HR leaders to find answers and support. Often, management considers that there is a reason for change and benefits of implementing change. But it happens rarely; HR personnel tell them how the changes would impact their daily routine work.

Example: IRS

IRS brought structural changes to the company in the 1990s. After implementing the changes, the company’s leadership launched a targeted internal communication campaign, and it comprised various programs like; townhall meetings, daily voicemails, and training sessions. It turned out very successful for the company and helped the company in communication and implementing the change program.

Employee Resistance

It is our nature that we don’t welcome change and often we resist it. Everyone is different and various people have got their own reasons for change, and they’re as follows;

  • Fearful of losing their jobs
  • Getting limited support and commitment from the management
  • Poor record of change management
  • Concerns about its effects on their existing role
  • Haven’t received the information for the change

In order to deal with the resistance of employees relevant to the change management program; they take the following steps;

  • Clear communication
  • Understanding the reason
  • Employ change leaders
  • Offer support and training

Motivating Towards Change

It is significant for management to make employees a part of the change program, and it helps them to make the transition phase as smooth and effective as possible. They do so by taking the following;

  • Developing a strategy for the change program
  • Communicating the change program with reasons and a compelling story
  • Effective communication
  • Be clear and transparent about the change program and why it happened
  • Collecting feedback throughout the process
  • Showing appreciation

Example: British Airways

British Airways was going through losses in the 1980s. The company’s leadership implemented the change management program focusing on HR, and some of the steps they took are as follows;

  • Decreasing staff from 60,000 to 38,000 people
  • Training employees that directly deal with customers, and following a “people first” strategy
  • Managing the “people first” program with motivation, trust, vision, and responsibility
  • Dividing the barriers to change management programs into various groups
  • Conducting surveys to get feedback for a better customer experience
  • Focuses on profit-sharing

Conclusion: HR Change Management Examples | Examples of HR Change Management Initiative

After an in-depth study of HR change management examples; we have realized that HR plays a significant role in the change management program. If you are learning about the HR role in change management programs or examples of HR change management initiatives, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned examples.

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