KFC Crisis Communication

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the world’s leading retail chain fast-food brand. The fast-food company experienced a logistics crisis which resulted in the form of out-of-stock chickens and it attracted significant media attention. Today, we’ll discuss KFC crisis communication; crisis event, communication strategy, and lessons learned from KFC crisis management.

Crisis Event to KFC

A crisis event for KFC happened in 2018 due to disruption in the supply chain and logistics channel. It resulted in the form of shortage of chickens at the retail chain restaurants of KFC; led the company towards the full closure of hundreds of chain restaurants across the UK and Ireland.

However, the shortage of chicken crisis started when the company partnered up with a new logistics company. The operational disruption caused the delayed delivery of fresh chickens to the retail chain stores of the company.

KFC Crisis Communication

Let’s discuss some of the main elements of the KFC crisis communication strategy as the KFC crisis management case study as follows;

Acknowledging Crisis

As soon as the news started spreading over multiple media channels, KFC accepted the supply chain and disruption crisis and apologized to the targeted customers. The proactive communication strategic approach showed the company’s strong commitment to resolving the problem and taking responsibility for its actions.

Open Communication

KFC employed multiple media channels to provide regular updates to the customers. An open and transparent communication strategic approach allowed the company to inform the public about the supply chain challenges they were facing and the steps they took to resolve the situation. However, it gave them an impression of honesty and transparency during the crisis event.

Connecting with Customers

KFC employed multiple media channels to connect with targeted customers and answer their questions and queries. It showed the company’s willingness to listen to the customers and answer their concerns and queries. However, it helped them in building and maintaining the positive brand image of the company.

Coordinating with Stakeholders

KFC coordinated and collaborated with multiple suppliers and logistics partners to decrease the disruption and find an alternative solution to the problem. It showed the company’s strong commitment to resolving the problem by working as a team; it played a key role in managing the crisis.

Clear Action Plan

Along with regularly updating customers, KFC developed a comprehensive plan and took precautionary steps to manage and resolve the problem. It provides customers a better comprehension of the progress that the company is making; building confidence in them to resolve the problem.

Alternative Offer

In order to make up for the shortage of chickens, KFC offered an alternative menu to the affected customers. It allowed the company to decrease the customer dissatisfaction level and earn the confidence and goodwill of customers during the crisis.

Proactive Communication

KFC proactively responded to the concerns and queries of customers and it helped the company directly connect with customers. Proactively responding to the concerns and queries of customers goes a long way in earning the trust and confidence of customers.

Social Media Platforms

KFC employed various social media platforms; including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate with the customers. The chain brand regularly updated and posted videos, pictures, and written content on various social media channels about the latest progress updates. Social media platforms are two-way channels and they allow the company to share the latest news and be aware of the customer’s reviews and concerns.

Media Press Release

KFC also issued a media press release to disseminate the crisis information to the mass audience. The official statement comprised detailed information about the crisis and the steps the company has taken to resolve the crisis situation. However, official statements and consistent media press releases play a key role in building public perception and sharing the message on various media channels.

Lessons Learned from KFC Crisis Management

Some of the main lessons learned from the KFC crisis management and crisis communication strategy of KFC are as follows;

  • KFC followed a proactive communication strategic approach to resolve the crisis; swiftly responded to the situation and earned the trust of customers
  • Proactive, open, honest, transparent, and consistent communication strategy to answer the concerns and queries of customers
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for their actions and showing strong commitment to resolve the crisis event
  • Effectively managing the entire crisis event to rebuild the trust and confidence of customers and maintain the integrity of customers
  • Maintaining an open line of communication with customers and providing them need support to compensate for dissatisfaction

Conclusion: KFC Crisis Management Case Study | KFC Crisis Communication Strategy Case Study

After an in-depth study of the KFC crisis communication; we have realized that KFC is the world’s leading retail chain brand. If you are learning about the KFC crisis management case study; then you should keep in mind the abovementioned crisis event; communication strategy, and lessons learned from the crisis event.

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